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Home security is of the utmost importance, as it not only protects you and your loved ones, but also all of your possessions and your sense of safety. Many have reported that the psychological damage done after a break in is much more difficult to get over there and all of the physical damage or things that have been stolen.

To make sure that you never have to worry about that nightmare, make sure you contact the very best of the best when it comes to residential locksmith services. You’ll have a number of options to pick and choose from when it comes time to select a locksmith, but we hope that you’ll make the right decision and consider I.D.N Locksmith St Thomas Ontario before anyone else.

There’s a reason why they are considered the very best of the best when it comes to residential locksmith services, and there is just a handful of things they’ll be able to help you with.

Installation, repair, or maintenance of security systems and locks in St Thomas Ontario

Though a number of security solutions and locks have been designed to be as close to “DIY” as humanly possible, the truth of the matter is most people are a little bit intimidated by the task at hand and aren’t quite sure of how to best secure their homes with these solutions.

Your professional experts will be able to quickly diagnose your property layouts, come up with an integrated security solution that gives you the most protection within your budget, and then install, repair, or maintaining that security system and the locks that form the backbone of it.

Replacement of currently installed security systems and locks in St Thomas Ontario

From time to time security systems and locks will either become obsolete or compromised (for a variety of different reasons), and they will require replacement.

Call in the right experts to come in, diagnose the situation, and then remove and replace all outdated security systems and locks without disturbing your home or day to day life.

Rekeying of existing lock mechanisms

Whether you are looking to re-key a lock mechanisms because you had tenants move out, guests disappear with a set of masters, or have lost your old keys makes little difference. You’ll want the process done just as quickly and as effortlessly as possible, while at the same time moving forward knowing that your lock is better than brand-new. The right experts can help you out.

Integrated garage door services

Finally, since your home security system is only as strong as your weakest link, you’ll want to make sure that your garage doors are tightly integrated into the rest of your security solution.

The experts will be able to help you out there, just as they have helped others in St Thomas. Contact them at your earliest convenience!

Commercial Locksmith St Thomas Ontario

Understanding popular commercial locksmith services
For what should be obvious reasons, the projects that commercial locksmiths have to tackle are some of the most involved and comprehensive of all the work that they will be asked to do.

Business owners, investors, real estate developers and landlords all take advantage of commercial St Thomas locksmith services on a regular basis, relying on these professionals to not only help them protect and secure their assets and their property – but also relying on these professionals to create a secure network and hierarchy of access as well.

Locksmith St Thomas Ontario

Commercial locksmithing services remain very fluid and fast-paced, especially since the rate of technological advancement in the security world has sped up in just the last 15 years or so.

You’re going to want to rely on the very best of the best in St Thomas if you need commercial locksmithing services performed – and that’s why you want to call in the pros at I.D.N Locksmith. Here are a couple of services that they make available.

Repair, replacement, and new installation of security systems in commercial properties

Brand-new properties as well as existing commercial properties with new tenants almost always require the assistance of commercial locksmith services before anyone feels comfortable “moving in”.

Whether a new installation needs to be performed to completely secure a commercial property, a repair or replacement needs to be performed on old and outdated systems, or just a bit of routine maintenance to make sure that the current security solution is “up to the task”, you’ll want to make sure that the pros are called in to tackle the project.

Better understanding a “business lockout” service

There are two types of business lockouts that can occur:

  • Intentional lockouts, where management takes steps to block out those that may have been previously granted security access that is no longer available and
  • Unintentional lockouts, where employees accidentally lock themselves out of a commercial property and need to be allowed back in

The right experts in the St Thomas area are going to be able to provide quick and efficient services regardless of the type of business lockout that has occurred.

All you have to do is contact them directly, schedule the appointment (or the emergency services), and explain to them exactly what you’d like to have done in the access you want to grant or revoke.

Effortless (and efficient) lock rekey solutions

Lock rekeying is necessary quite often when you’re talking about commercial properties, especially if they are in areas where businesses have a tendency to come and go with regularity. Want to read more About Lock Rekey?

If your commercial property involves quite a bit of turnover when it comes to tenants, you’ll want to be sure that you have a reliable and professional locksmithing service in St Thomas on call so that they can help you out as often as necessary.

Creation of (or duplication of) master key setups

Almost all businesses and organizations want to have a set of “master keys” created to fit all of the looks on their property, which may not be quite as simple as duplicating a single key. Sometimes security networks take advantage of brand-new locks, slightly older locks, and nearly ancient locks – but when moving forward with a master key solution from a locksmith service like I.D.N Locksmith St Thomas Ontario , that won’t be a problem. You’ll get the master keys you need without any headache or hassle!

Emergency Locksmith St Thomas

Here’s what to look for in an emergency locksmith service – In a perfect world, you wouldn’t ever have to worry about calling an emergency locksmith to help you out of a sticky situation. But we don’t live in a perfect world. In fact, almost all of us are going to find ourselves in at least a handful of situations throughout our lives that require the delicate touch, decades of experience, and specialized tools that only the best St Thomas locksmith brings to the table.

Locksmith St Thomas

There is a lot of stress involved in finding and choosing the right emergency locksmith service in St Thomas, which is why we’ve put together this quick little guide. Hopefully it arms you with the inside information you need to feel confident moving forward. Shall we jump right in?

Why you should have your emergency locksmith on speed dial

The worst thing you could do is hire the wrong emergency locksmith service to help you out when you need it most. The second two worst thing? That would be having to hunt for an emergency locksmith AFTER you need to take advantage of their help.

It is of critical importance to look at all of the different options for professional locksmith experts that offer emergency services in your area BEFORE you ever need to call them in, or you run the risk of allowing your emotions to get the best of you. That kind of decision-making almost always leads to the wrong choice and a sky high bill.

Comb the Internet, check out the Yellow Pages, or ask your friends and family members for referrals about a professional emergency locksmith in St Thomas. Then keep that number in your phone so that you’ll always have it when you need it. You’ll want to consider I.D.N Locksmith St Thomas Ontario to help you out based off of their sterling silver reputation in St Thomas.

What to do when you are locked out of your home

If you have locked yourself out of your home, the very first thing you’re going to want to do is verify that there is no other “easy” way into the building. Sometimes you’ve left a window open or unlocked, other times you’ll be able to slide in through the basement window and come up from below, or you might even have an extra access point that allows you to bypass calling emergency services entirely.

Take a couple of minutes to not only think about these options but to also try them before you call in the professionals. It’s a couple of minutes that might save you a lot of headache, a lot of hassle, and a bit of money as well.

What to do when you are locked out of your car

If you’re locked out of your car, you’re probably going to need to call in emergency services regardless. Getting into a locked vehicle without breaking anything isn’t exactly the skill set that a lot of everyday law-abiding citizens have under their belt.

Write down your cars make, model, and color, get information about your EXACT location, and then contact the emergency locksmith service that you’ve already researched. Find out when they’ll be able to come out and help you and how much (even if it’s just a “ballpark” figure) it’s going to cost you.

Give them any other bits and pieces of information they require and then sit tight (in a safe area) to wait for them to show up.

Safe Installation & Repair Locksmith St Thomas

We Will Satisfy All Your Residential Security Needs

Locksmith St Thomas Ontario are always ready to provide a comprehensive range of residential services to make sure that your dwelling is completely secure. Our well-trained residential locksmiths will deal with your lock or key problem, install any safe and carry out all repair work needed.
Due to the rapid development of technology, more opportunities to store your valuable possessions at home are constantly appearing. Thus, we offer to set up a high-quality safe to keep your precious belongings well-protected in your residential property.

Locksmith St Thomas

Reasons to Install a Safe at Home

Needless to say, it is very convenient to store valuable things in safes. Some people prefer to keep their valuable possessions in banks, but other leave their precious things in the residential property to have immediate access to some important documents or jewelry. There three main reasons why people install safes at home.

🔒 In most cases, people install safes at home to prevent thefts. If a break-in occurs, your valuables will be secure.

🔒 One more reason to have a safe is to keep guns away from kids. It is essential not to let your children play with a gun or get injured because of it.

🔒 People also set up safes to prevent potential losses due to fire or water damage.

Our Qualified Experts Will Help to Choose the Best Safe

Considering the fact that nowadays there are many kinds of safes available on the market, you can choose a use a reliable service provider to do the work for you.
Due to extensive experience in dealing with all types of safes, our residential locksmith technicians will help you to opt for the best one that will perfectly suit all your needs.

The thing is that all safes we offer are equipped according to the latest standards and are capable of resisting both fire and attempted burglary. However, you should consider the type of safe and the safe locking method needed.
Get in touch with Locksmith St Thomas Ontario because we offer the best safe installation and repair service in the area. We work with the best safe manufacturers to supply only top quality safes.

Locksmith St Thomas Ontario Provide the Following Safe-related Services

We perform a complete range of residential services including safe installation and maintenance. Here are the most frequently required kinds of work our staff carries out.

🔒 installation service – Our team of locksmith experts will help to choose and install any type of safe you need.

🔒 Safe repair – The service will be performed in a timely manner because we have all the necessary equipment to do any kind of repair work on the spot.

🔒 unlocking service – If you have forgotten the combination to your safe or it got jammed, you can always rely on us.

🔒 Maintenance after installation or repair – This kind of service is also available because some types of safes need to be maintained.

🔒 Key cutting and replacement – In case you need a new key to your safe or just want to have an additional one, you can always consider Locksmith St Thomas Ontario.

Immediate Help with All your Residential Security Needs

We work 24/7 to help you with all your residential issues. I.D.N Locksmith St Thomas Ontario St Thomas Ontario will help you with all safe needs on the spot. Our highly professional staff will install or repair any type or size of the safe you need.
We are here for you to find the most suitable solutions to each of your residential security problems. You can always count on us for proven results. Safe installation and repair as well other residential services provided by will definitely make you totally satisfied with our work.

Lock rekey service at Locksmith St Thomas

If you are looking for the best lock rekey services in St Thomas Ontario, then you have landed on the right page. Locksmith St Thomas Ontario lead and the rest follow in a variety of locksmith services in St Thomas Ontario. We have been the region’s trusted locksmith for the last three decades and you can now rely on our trusted rekey services to save from purchasing a new lock set.

Locksmith St Thomas Ontario

Understanding the difference between lock rekey and lock replacement

Many people are not able to tell the difference between rekey and lock replacement. We have received calls from clients on several occasions requesting us to replace their locks simply because they have lost their keys and they worried about someone using the lost copies to gain access to their homes. But when we suggest to them rekey instead of replacing the whole lock system, they are usually astonished.

Rekeying simply means changing the lock’s locking mechanism so that it can accept a new key while reject the old one. In this manner, you will be able to use a new key on your current lock hence you don’t have to worry about another party being in possession of the old copy. The following are some of the instances when a rekey would be more appropriate than changing the whole lock and key:

🔒 When a tenant has vacated your premises and you want to be sure that they will not be used when you are not around

🔒 When you lose your key or suspect that it might be on the wrong hands

🔒 Rekeying following a botched burglary attempt in your homes

🔒 When you get to a new house which you don’t know how many people could be having access to the keys.

🔒 As regular security measures for your home.

Why use our residential lock rekey services

It is obvious that there are a number of locksmiths offering residential locksmith services in St Thomas Ontario. However, not all of them will provide you with the value for your money as I.D.N Locksmith St Thomas Ontario Allowing us take care of your residential locksmith needs will give you the following benefits:

Faster delivery of services – we make it our priority to do your job in the shortest time possible. Whether it is a regular or you call us for emergency services, we will always be prompt in the response.
24/7 Emergency services – we are ready to take up on any residential emergency locksmith issue you may face. Whether you need to rekey following a lockout or a burglary attempt, you are free to call us at any time of the day.

Competent and qualified locksmiths – every member of our team is duly qualified and highly experienced in all matters to do with residential locksmith services.

Guarantee on products and services – every product as well as every service we offer you during our lock rekey services is guaranteed to be of the best quality.

Affordability – we offer premium residential lock rekey services in St Thomas Ontario but we don’t charge premium rates. We prefer to let our services be available at affordable rates so that you get good quality services without spending a fortune.
Get in touch with us for more information about our residential lock rekey services in St Thomas Ontario. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

Rekeying and Lock Replacement

There are several occasions when we have received requests from our customers in St Thomas Ontario asking us to replace their locks. But when we get on site, they are normally surprised when we present them with the option of rekeying as an alternative to replacing the whole lock. Many customers are not aware that rekeying is a cheaper option to lock replacement and also find it difficult to comprehend the difference between rekeying and replacing the whole lock system. So what exactly is the difference between the two and under what circumstances should you rekey or replace your lock?

Locksmith St Thomas Ontario

Lock rekeying

Lock rekeying involves changing the tumblers or the wafer configuration to let it function with a new key while rejecting the old one. Rekeying thus alters the inside configuration of the lock while leaving the rest of the components intact. The process usually takes a short time to complete especially if you get the services of competent locksmiths like I.D.N Locksmith St Thomas Ontario .

When to rekey

The main reason to rekey is simply to enhance the security and safety of your premises by ensuring that no other unauthorized party has keys that they can use to gain access into your premises. The situations that might make it necessary for you to rekey your locks include the following-:

🔒 you move to a new house and you don’t know the number of keys that are out there that can gain access to your new house.

🔒 your tenants have moved out and they have not surrendered the keys to the premises.

🔒 an employee has left a job yet they still have keys to the office.

🔒 When your key is lost or has been stolen

🔒 you want to enhance the security of your premises if you haven’t rekeyed in a long time.

If you are faced with any of the above situations or you need any other locksmith services in St Thomas Ontario, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to offer high quality and affordable rekey services to you.

Lock replacement St Thomas Ontario

Lock replacement on the other hand happens when you need to replace the whole lock system. This implies that you will be doing away with your current lock and installing a new one with new set of keys. Under normal circumstances, a rekey would be enough to enhance the security of your premises but there are certain situations that might necessitate the need to replace the whole lock. Such situations include-:

🔒 your premises have been broken into –when you are a victim of burglary and your locks are tampered with, rekeying might to be recommended as sometimes it might be impossible to rekey a lock that burglars have tampered with. In such a case, lock replacement is the best solution.

🔒 the locks become faulty due to prolonged use – with continued use, locks are bound to lose on their integrity as a result of the normal tear and wear. If you have used your locks for a long period of time and you are beginning to experience certain difficulties in operating it, then it will be a good idea to replace it with a new one. Simply contact us at I.D.N Locksmith and we will be able to replace any kind of locks you might have.

Rekeying and Lock Replacement in St Thomas Ontario

You can rely on I.D.N Locksmith St Thomas Ontario to offer you with the best rekeying and lock replacements services in St Thomas Ontario. We have qualified and competent technicians who use modern tools and equipment to ensure fast, safe and efficient rekeying or replacement of any lock type. Contact us today to learn more about these and many other locksmith services that we have for you.

Car Key Replacement Services

How do I replace my keys?

Car key replacement can be handled several different ways. You can go to the dealership, do it yourself, or you can call a locksmith. Each one of these options has its own pros and cons. Dealerships will be the most expensive, but are trustworthy. The do it yourself (DIY) option will be the cheapest, but it relies on your ability and the quality of the products you purchase. Locksmiths are a nice middle ground of price and trust.

Why should I use a locksmith to replace my car keys?

The best method for car key replacement is to call your local locksmith. This protects you from unscrupulous third parties who sell faulty equipment, and will have better pricing than the dealership. Going to a locksmith takes out all of the guesswork, and makes sure that the work is done right for a fair price.

Do I need my original key?

No, you do not need your original key. However, if you have your original key, this will help the car key replacement process. The existing key can be duplicated without the need to find the key code. If your key does not have a metal blade at all, and only uses a fob, then having an extra will do little more than prove ownership.

Can a locksmith make a new key without the original?

Yes, if you do not have your original key, there is no need to worry. Modern age car key replacement can be done without physically having the key that needs to be replaced. Once United Locksmith verifies your ownership of the vehicle, we can cut the key from code with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Can a locksmith program my transponder key?

Yes, any of our skilled team of auto locksmiths can program your new transponder key. The transponder chip will need to be blank in order for this process to work, but have no fear, because United Locksmith can take care of that. We make your car key replacement as painless as possible.

Can a locksmith program my key fob?

Yes! You will need a new device that has never been programmed. Once a fob has been programmed to a car, it cannot be reprogrammed. Our United Locksmith automotive technicians can acquire and program key fobs, and keyless entry devices. No matter what type of car key replacement you need, we are here to help.

Do I need to contact the dealership to get a new car key?

You certainly can, but if you want competitive pricing it is best to go with a locksmith. United Locksmith can purchase key blanks for any make or model of car available on the market today. We can program transponder keys, key fobs, keyless entry devices, and cut the keys themselves. Any of your car key replacement needs can be taken care of by your local United Locksmith.

Parts of a Key

Bow – This part of the key is where the thumb and index finger are placed to operate the key. The bow is often shaped as a circle or rectangle. Your key fob buttons may also be found on the bow if they are part of the same unit. If your bow has a plastic coating, then that is a good indication that it contains a transponder chip. When your key is simply a length of metal, there is no place to conceal the chip.


The bitting of a key are the cuts that manipulate the internal mechanisms of the lock. They are also referred to as the ridges or teeth of the key. Depending on the type of lock, the bitting will be oriented differently. Most often there is a serrated type of bitting on both sides of the key. On newer cars there is a snake or worm type pattern on the sides of the key.


The wards on a key are what keeps it from fitting in different keyways. These are cut on the key that do not affect the internal components at all. It is just to keep Toyota key from fitting in a Mercedes lock. The warding requires you to purchase key blanks from the car manufacture.


This section of the key is where most of the action happens. The blade holds the bitting, the tip, and the wards. It either ends at the shoulder or the bow of the key (whichever comes first). When the blade of the correct key is fully inserted into the corresponding lock, rotation of the key will open the door and/or start the vehicle. Everything that is outside of the lock when the key is fully inserted is not the blade.


The tip of the key is the end that is inserted first into the keyway. It is on the opposite end of the key as the bow. To insert a key, you must line up the tip with the keyway. Almost every car key is set up to be inserted two different ways, so the tip only needs to be oriented so that the blade fits horizontally or vertically in the lock. There is rarely an option to place the key upside down, as both ways will technically be right side up.


Many car keys do not have a traditional shoulder. This is the part of the key that keeps it from being over-inserted. It exists to orient the key in the keyway so that the user knows when to stop pushing the device deeper. Most often this shoulder is achieved by the blade of the key widening as it approaches the bow. Other times the shoulder is just an elevated piece of metal that is larger than the keyway.

Different Types of Car Keys

Wafer Keys

Keys that are meant to open wafer locks can be identified as having grooves on both the top and bottom of the blade. The double serrations are made so that the key can be inserted two different ways. However, most wafer locks found on cars have wafers on the top and bottom of the lock. That means that the bitting on these keys moves some wafers up, and moves others down. These locks work very similarly to a standard pin tumbler lock.

The wafers are spring loaded and are raised by the bitting on the key to different heights. The height they need to be raised corresponds to the size of the wafer. The longer the wafer, the deeper the groove. If the wafer is shorter, the groove will be shallower. The wards will be found on the sides of these keys. These wards will be flipped images of one another because the key will need to work two different ways.

The security of these locks is not all that impressive. There are many tools that exist which will open the lock without the proper key. Items such as jiggle keys, Marshal keys, and wave keys can be inserted into the keyway in order to open the lock. These skeleton keys have different methods of operation. Some need to be moved about in the lock while other only need to be inserted and turned as if they were the correct key.

Additions to a traditional wafer key will help with security. For example, a transponder chip placed in the plastic coating of the bow will keep the car from being started with one of these keys. However, a transponder chip will not keep a thief from opening the door to your car. If your car key replacement requires that a wafer key is cut, make sure that you also check to see if you need a transponder chip.

Slider Keys

A key that moves sliders is known as a slider key. These keys are easily recognizable for the snake-like path that is cut into the sides of the blade. In almost all cases, this pattern will appear on both sides of the key so that it can be inserted two different ways.

Similar to wafer locks, these paths are used to elevate or depress the internal components of the lock. The sliders in the lock ride along the path that is cut into the key, and when the key is fully inserted, all of the sliders should be at their appropriate height. Unlike the sheer lines in a wafer lock, the slider lock will have different gates.

Each slider needs to be fitted into a gate so that they will be out of the way and allow the lock can turn freely. This means that the deepest gate will always be the true gate. For security, multiple unnecessary gates are added to the lock. These are known as false gates and do not provide the adequate depth to have the slider leave the lock unobstructed.

If there are no false gates in the lock, these devices will be incredibly easy to pick or rake open. This should not be a concern to most car owners because very few criminals pick locks, and an even fewer number of car thieves pick locks. In addition to this, most slider keys act only as a backup. They are the key of choice for most smart key systems, and will not start the car without the fob present.

Often these keys will be hidden within the fob, and slide out when a button on the fob is depressed. Once this button is pressed, the key can be pulled free. Remember to put this key back in the slot until it clicks and locks into place. If your car key replacement requires a slider key to be cut, this is no issue. All it requires is a laser key cutter. United Locksmith can cut that key, and get you back to feeling safe knowing that you will always have access to your car.

Key Fobs

A key fob, which is also referred to as simply a fob, is the electronic part of the key. A key fob is often described as a remote of sorts. This remote will open your doors with the click of a button. On newer push button ignition cars, the fob is the needed to start the vehicle. With proximity sensors, the fob can act as a security token. A security token is a term used in the world of electronic locks.

What it means is that the fob is a device that is used to authenticate the user, and grant them access to something that would otherwise be secure. Instead of this token needing to be swiped against a lock, it can transmit a signal to the car. This will be done by the use of Bluetooth, infrared, or near field communication (NFC).

By simply approaching some cars, the fob will open the door locks. The fobs that allow you to simply open the car with the key in your possession are often called Smart Keys. This is the same technology that allows the car to start with the push of a button. One of the newest trends on key fobs is the remote start. What that means is that your key fob can be used to start the car before you are inside.

In the same way, that your doors can be opened or locked while you are quite a ways away, now some automobiles offer that same ability for starting the car. This feature would of course not be complete without the ability to remotely turn off the vehicle.

The key fob is many things. It can be your only way to start your car or just an added convenience. It may be on the key itself, or it may be a separate device. Whatever the case, if you need this type of car key replacement, there is no better place to than United Locksmith. Our mobile auto locksmiths can come to your location and complete most jobs on site.

In the event that this is an emergency call, or you need a service tech to diagnose the issue before you know what your issue is, the proper parts may need to retrieved before the job can be completed. However, if you schedule an appointment, and explain what you need, we can have all of the necessary products ready for programming by the appointment time.

Transponder Keys

A transponder key uses two key systems in conjunction with one another. First of all, you will have the traditional key, which will be either a slider or wafer key. This key works just as any other key would. It is fully inserted into the locks and turned. The operation is the same for the doors, trunk, and ignition. The second system that comes into play is the transponder chip.

The word transponder is a portmanteau of ‘transmitter” and “responder”. It is an electronic chip with a non-volatile memory. This keeps the programming on the chip from being erased when power is removed from the device. When the key is turned in the ignition cylinder, the car releases a small electronic field which gives the chip power. With this energy, the transponder chip sends a message to the transceiver in the car.

The transceiver can be found in the key ring, which wraps around the ignition cylinder. If the signal is correct, then the car will start. The transponder is the is the male (key), and the transceiver is the female (key ring).

This type of security is meant to disable fuel injection and/or the starter of your vehicle if an unprogrammed or misprogrammed key is used. The distance that the transponder chip can be from the transceiver varies. In some cars, it is the exact distance from the key ring to the bow of the key once the key is fully inserted. This can also be as imprecise as just in the front two seats of the car.

If you lose a transponder key, then you will need a new one that has not been programmed. Your car key replacement needs to include a key that has been cut appropriately and a chip that has been programmed correctly. All of this can be accomplished at your convenience by our auto locksmiths.

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